Your Personal, Full Service Jeweler

Come in and meet us! Bree & Peter are here to answer any question you might have and assist you in finding the best way to keep your jewelry maintained and guide you through the process of having repairs made to your piece whether its a watch band or battery, chain or prong repair, resizing or retipping of the piece to keep your gemstones secure - We will see you through, from start to finish.

Browse our cases and catalogs, Bree & Peter are always available to answer questions and offer their expertise in order to help you select the ring, watch, or pendant most suited to your needs. We are here to serve you.

Only One Jewelry Store In Colville

Businesses come and go and promises are made and broken.

Here at Colville Jewelers we stand by and make a personal guarantee on all repair and service work that we do.

We guarantee that all repair work we take on is accomplished with diligence and care by our in house goldsmiths Peter Hallam and Andrew Kumor.

We guarantee that your jewelry will be ready to be picked up within seven days, at the price you were promised when you left it in our hands.

Do You Know Where Your Jewelry Goes For Repairs?

Do you know where your jewelry goes for repairs? At Colville Jewelers all repair work that we take on is completed in house.

We offer free inspection, cleaning and polishing of your jewelry and our goldsmiths Peter & Andrew will personally complete any repairs on your jewelry, while both Peter & Bree are available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

Some of the services we offer are watch band repair and battery replacement, resizing, prong repair and retipping.

Come in and meet us, We're here to serve you.